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You can choose between Comfrey Healing Salve
Comfrey salve is a must-have!!

I use the comfrey plant I grow to infuse the oil, then I add in beeswax to make this super simple, and yet amazingly healing salve!! I also add a propels tincture which is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti fungal (naturally). This is a product from the hive that many other countries use as their antibiotics and other medicinal uses. The addition of this product helps reduce the chance of any kind of infection and it speeds healing.

I have had friends rave about the results on severe 2nd degree burns, bees stings in the eye area, and cuts. We use this in my house daily with the six of us. My kids now carry a tin of this in their pockets.

My daughter received 16 stitches on her hands and arms from a glass plane door and we started applying the morning she got home. Her scarring is minimal after her injuries.

This salve is a must have!! Try it and you will be hooked!!