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Goat Milk Soap


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  • Image of Goat Milk Soap

Welcome to Milk & Honey Meadows soap!

We handcraft all our cold-processed soap with fresh raw goat milk from our herd of Nubian & La Mancha Goats, and we add honey from our beehives.

We then mix in a variety of oils that blend together to make a delightfully moisturizing bar of soap. Our Honey Oatmeal soap is wonderfully sweet and clean scent. There is ground oatmeal mixed into the soap before it cures, with whole oats sprinkled on top. The bar is gorgeous to look at and incredibly nourishing to your skin!

Since each bar is made by hand, they will vary in color and size.

Ingredients : Raw Goat Milk Saponified oils Olive, Lard, Coconut, Lye, Honey & Fragrance and/or Essential Oil

NOTE :Honey Oat Meal contains oatmeal. Coffee Cake Spice contains ground coffee, Lavender contains lavender flowers.

You choose your scent :
Cool Citrus Basil
Lavender Vanilla
Clean Cotton
Honey Oatmeal
Red Currant & Thyme
Spiced Coffee

Bars can be Z-Cut or molded shapes : Milk & Honey mold, Round Save the Bees.

We can ship up to 3 bars, any scent, for a total shipping cost of $7.00

I will contact you via email to specify shape.