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Who are we?


We want to encourage you, empower you and inspire you to make healthier choices for you and your family! We began with baby steps over 10 years ago and today we try to make heather choices with regards to food, body care and our lifestyle to create a happier and healthier home! 

We started with organic vegetables, began eliminating processed food products and we now we use handcrafted soaps and clean personal care products. We realized that we were using products that were bringing toxins into our home and damaging our health. Educating and empowering others to take a similar journey has become one of our goals as a family. We do this through educating you about the benefits of goat milk soap, beekeeping and overall natural health.

We hope to inspire you to approach these choices with care and intention, which will help you move your family into a healthier and happier place as well.